Getting to your next step is a 7 day a week job. If you want a referral for a job at Prime Air, now is the time. Prime Air is doing a hiring sprint (first one I have been a part of). If you want me to refer you to a recruiter, you are interested in one of the of positions below and:

1. You meet the basic requirements.
2. you HAVE NOT already applied online.
3. you want me to send your resume to the recruiters.

Send me an email to with your resume and this information in body of email:

Telephone Number:
Job #:

I will be very happy to pass your information to the recruiter associated with the position.

To be clear, we do NOT need to be connected for me to send the referral. You just NEED to meet the 3 requirements listed above.

About 48 hours they will let you know they received your resume

Matthew LaPointe MBA, MIPP, MA