May 31, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Joe Jones

Welcome to Transition Masters!

Transition Masters includes a combination of virtual lectures, mock networking, and mock interview practice in a friendly, virtual and supportive environment, for free, in the Tampa, Florida area. Learn more about Transition Masters here: https://www.transitionmasters.org/

“The best candidates are not always selected, the best presenters frequently get the nod.”

~Lou Adler, author of Hired and Getting Hired.

We meet weekly on Mondays from 5:30-8:30 pm.  We ask that you register on this website and that once enrolled, that you virtually attend every class until you graduate. Any classes missed must be made up during subsequent TM programs, or at St. Paul’s Transition Masters classes held virtually each Thursday morning.

To sign up for a program, visit the Registration Tab. Registration is free. $50 donation is optional.

The following topics will be covered during the 10 session Transition Masters program. Approximately 40% of each session will be interactive lecture, 20% mock networking, and 40% of each session will be mock interview practice (including supportive feedback).
  1. Inner Game of Job Search + Anxiety Reduction
  2. Skills Assessment + Accomplishments/Achievements
  3. Job Search Strategy Assessment + Action Plan Tool
  4. Career Networking
  5. LinkedIn + Social Media
  6. Job Description Analysis
  7. 21st Century Resumes, ATS, Word Clouds and other tools
  8. Mastering the Interview!
  9. Compensation Negotiation
  10. Portfolio Development & Program Wrap Up

Participation Prerequisites:

1. You must be actively searching for work.
2. You must commit to attending sessions (each session leads to the next, missed sessions may be made up in the future.)
3. You must already know the type of work you are seeking (this is not a “find your career direction” program).
4. You must be ready to move forward in your job search (this is not a pity party that dwells on negative past experiences)
5. You must send us a copy of your current resume and a job description (to use during mock interviews)
Each participant will receive access to a complete set of Power Point notes from each session, two ebooks. Workbooks are downloadable for class participants – all free!