Social Media Marketing Manager – Credit Suite (Land O’ Lakes)

Credit Suite

We’re looking for a qualified Social Media Manager to join our team!

At Credit Suite, we’re PASSIONATE about helping business owners get money to start and grow their business. We help entrepreneurs get business credit that’s linked to their EIN, and not their personal social security number… and help them get loans and credit lines, even when they can’t qualify at their bank.

We have an amazing culture that our customers adore, and a team who love working together so much we consider each other family. This environment, combined with the awesome results we produce for our clients, have helped us create a company that’s more than doubling in size each year. Our growth has been so explosive that we’re now looking for a Social Media Manager to take our rapidly growing social media platforms to the next level.

You’ll be managing our social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, iTunes podcast, Instagram, YouTube, and more. These channels were created years ago and have tens-of-thousands of followers. Your role will be to manage and grow our channels, and especially focus on getting more engagement, including from our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

We’re looking for someone with an upbeat and outgoing personality. You’ll be engaging with our followers, going live in video, openly sharing and helping, and providing ongoing content and value to our subscribers, so you should love being social!

We’re also looking for an innovator. You’ll be developing this new position, and further developing our social media strategies as well to get us more engagement. This will require you be willing to learn new things and research and train finding your own resources and trainings we have access to as well. You’ll need to be creative to think of engaging content to share and be able to test your ideas to see what works, improve off what works, and do more of it! So, you should be creative, but will also need to track metrics and adjust. You’ll be creating some of your own content (we have A LOT already you can use) or coming up with ideas for our graphics team to design them, including videos. So again, you must have innovative, and creative.

You’ll be working with our content team, marketing team, graphics and video team, and virtual assistants to create and post engaging content. So, you’ll have a team around you to help design and create the resources you need, and help you deploy them on social channels as well. Your main virtual assistant has already been posting on our channels for years and will help you as you grow our channels.

You’ll get an annual salary of $36,000 to start, working full time, 40 hours per week. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to work virtually from your home. As you grow in your new position, so will your salary. And you’ll get a chance to lead as you expand your team, where you can earn even more.

Interested? Reply to this post with your resume and a cover letter that briefly details why YOU are the best fit for this position. We’re setting up phone pre-interviews NOW with the intent of hiring within the week, so apply quickly. We’re looking forward to inviting you to our team!

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $36,000.00 /year

Required experience: