Small Group Meetings

The purpose of the “small group” meeting is to share information with your fellow Rebounder in a more informal setting. While the larger Real Estate Lives meetings are for announcements, guest speakers, etc, this small group meeting allows more time to share information about one another, what we are looking for, and how we can help each other.  It is all about “networking.”

The meeting is scheduled for two hours and is limited to about 12-15 people. This gives each person enough “floor” time to talk about needs, wants, desires, etc.  Not only do we learn about each other, but we also share information about market conditions, best practices, success stories, and types of companies that may be hiring.

Bring at least a dozen copies of your resume.  Feel free to bring water, coffee, snacks, if you want them.  Be prepared to give a 90-second infomercial about yourself.   Where you are from, any special and/or interesting thing in your life, i.e. military, Olympian, etc., job history highlights, and skill sets that you possess.

Strong emphasis on networking and how to use your skills to find a job or create opportunities for making money.

Small group meetings are held every week. Check our calendar for dates and times!