Housing Manager – Goodwill Industries-Suncoast, Inc. (Pinellas Park)

Goodwill Industries-Suncoast, Inc.

Job Description


The housing manager is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and safety of assigned residents and physical facilities. The housing manager ensures compliance with policies and procedures specified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in all activities of the operation as specified in HUD 4350.3 of the 202/8, 811 and 202/8 capital advance program and other related
manuals. The housing manager assists the vice president of community corrections and housing services in carrying out organizational policies and achieving departmental goals and objectives.

The housing manager is immediately accountable to the vice president for community corrections and housing services regarding the discharge of duties, but must work cooperatively with all housing staff members and key personnel at the Gandy facility in order to ensure effective communication/relations.


Supervises assigned facility staff, ensuring duties outlined in their respective job descriptions are carried out in an efficient, effective manner, meeting the needs of the tenants and their chosen representatives. May assist staff in prioritizing assigned tasks.

Ensures the overall appearance and upkeep of the facility.
Conducts daily walk-through of property and completes the Daily Physical Inspection Checklist to ensure appearance, maintenance, safety and security issues are promptly addressed.

Promotes and maintains good relationships between tenants and management; ensures this relationship is maintained through effective problem-solving and adherence to the grievance procedures as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures Manual .

Maintains appropriate controls over applicant, tenant, and administrative records. In this regard, is responsible for safeguarding the same against any breeches of confidentiality and against untimely destruction.

Ensures all application processes are conducted in line with HUD requirements and the Tenant Selection Plan as specified in the Standard Operating Procedures Manual . Equal opportunity and affirmative action intentions and requirements will be consistently maintained.

Ensures the timely and accurate completion of tenant certifications and recertifications; ensures all appropriate documentation is included in the tenant file with the certification and/or recertifications.

Prepares monthly Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) or Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC) report; reviews report to ensure accuracy; generates and electronically submits the report; maintains a hard-copy printout and signs.

Generates and reviews all occupancy related paperwork (rejected applications, move-ins, recertifications, and move-outs) to ensure compliance is maintained with HUD regulations.

Enters required data into management software in order to generate leases and other required forms.

Ensures tenant rent deposits are collected, accurately recorded and deposited in a timely manner; submits copy of deposit slip to Housing accounting staff. Generates monthly rent rolls as means to
monitor and take appropriate actions on delinquent rent; meets with tenants to resolve problems as needed.

Reviews and approves all expenditures not previously approved as recurring costs by the management agent; maintains appropriate controls over expenditures in light of budgetary constraints; reviews and approves all invoices to document the appropriateness of all expenditures.

Secures bids for recurring services as directed.

Secures bids for any equipment or work that is anticipated to exceed $500. Secures registration numbers of any equipment purchased that exceeds $500; submits same to Housing accounting staff.

Reviews tenant files and administrative records to ensure compliance by applicable source. Completes corrective action required to document compliance.

Meets with tenants who violate lease agreements, attempting to reinstate compliance. Refers problems to the vice president of community corrections and housing services when resolution cannot be achieved;
assists with legal action if necessary. When legal action appears to be the only course of action, obtains prior approval from the vice president of community corrections and housing services to obtain such consultation.

Stays informed of policies and procedures within Housing, Goodwill and HUD as they relate to the operation of the assigned project and the welfare of the people who are residents.

Completes quarterly objectives/activity reports on the operation of the assigned complex and submits to the vice president of community corrections and housing services and the human services coordinator.

Completes other reports as necessary for HUD or other regulatory agencies and/or the vice president of community corrections and housing services. Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts/Science degree preferably in business administration or equivalent related experience.

Additional Information

To apply for this position please visit our website http://www.goodwill-suncoast.org/careers and complete an online application. You must complete an application in order to be considered for this position.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer/Disabled/Veterans and a Drug Free Workplace.