Facilities Manager – Rosecastle at Delaney Creek (Brandon)

Nature and Scope:
The Facilities Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Community is safe for residents and staff, attractive and well maintained, and operating within the Community maintenance budget.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Relevant work experience (2+ years preferred).
  • Must be able to supervise maintenance department employees using independent judgment and discretion.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with residents, families, staff, vendors and the general public.
  • Must have compassion for and desire to work with the elderly.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work responsibly as a team member as well as an individual.
  • Must be honest, fair, dependable, respect confidentiality and the rights and privacy of others.
  • Practice and promote Affinity Policies and Procedures, Mission Statement, Core Values and Founding Principles.
  • Must have basic reporting and organizational skills.
  • Must have valid driver license.
  • Must meet all health requirements.
  • Must pass criminal background check.
  • Must be able to perform duties and responsibilities (essential job functions), with or without reasonable accommodation.

Essential Functions:

  • Maintenance
  • Work closely with management staff and Executive Director to help evaluate and find solutions to routine maintenance needs.
  • Care for the routine maintenance needs of the Community and its residents as if they were your own home and family.
  • Assist Executive Director with fire and life safety training and drills.
  • Be extremely familiar with life safety, all operational systems and infection control in the Community.
  • Ensure cleaning chemicals are safe and consistent with Affinity/regulatory guidelines and safely stored.
  • Maintain all electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment.
  • Maintain pool and all aquatic equipment if applicable.
  • Maintain all fitness equipment, kitchen equipment and emergency call system.
  • Maintain all life safety equipment, security systems, keying log and security cameras.
  • Respond to resident/director/staff requests for maintenance through maintenance reports and log system.
  • Ensure 24-hour repair/response time for all daily maintenance requests.
  • Ensures the timely turnover of vacated and vacant apartments to be show and rent ready within 48 hours of vacating.
  • All minor repairs, including: basic carpentry, painting, electricity, plumbing, locksmith, and preventative maintenance as defined by Affinity.
  • Carry out tasks associated with a standardized preventative maintenance program.
  • The Community must be mechanically sound, safe, and well maintained.
  • Interiors must be neat, paint and wall coverings clean, sound and chip/scratch free.
  • Maintenance staff will have a keen sense of detail with regard to these items.
  • Patching, painting and repair will be a major part of the maintenance program, as well as carpet care and maintenance.
  • Grounds, building exterior and interior, signage are maintained year-round.
  • Flowerbeds and lawns will be weeded and trimmed.
  • Season foliage and snow/ice removal is also part of the exterior maintenance plan.
  • Supervisory Functions
  • Responsible for supervising, assigning significant overall duties and tasks and responsibly directing the work of all maintenance department employees with full accountability for the performance of subordinates.
  • Has a working knowledge of Housekeeping and Laundry Services.
  • Demonstrate independent judgment and discretion.
  • Train and supervise maintenance assistant (if applicable) and housekeeping staff in conducting routine maintenance and daily upkeep activities.
  • Interview, make hiring recommendations and orient new staff.
  • Schedule and reschedule staff using independent judgment and exercising discretion when creating the schedule and making determinations regarding granting employee requests for time off or other modifications in work schedules.
  • Responsible for tracking attendance and effectively carrying out disciplinary action where appropriate.
  • Communicate and enforce policies and procedures including the employer’s policies and procedures dealing with rules of employee conduct, the employer’s safety and sanitation policies and other human resource policies, and directly discipline and effectively recommend corrective and disciplinary action to enforce such policies.
  • Evaluate performance and effectively recommend changes to terms and conditions of employment based on such evaluations.
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