Training Workshop: “Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn”

July 11, 2019 @ 10:45 am – 11:45 am
Corporate Center Three at International Plaza
4221 W. Boy Scout Blvd.
Suite 140
Tampa 33607
Larry LaBelle, CEO of Win A Job Fast

Training Workshop: “Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn”

The Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn workshop is a free, hands-on course that is designed to help all LinkedIn Users, including business owners, professionals, job seekers, college professors and students. You need to bring your laptop or notebook PC, so you can work with me to implement what I’m showing you during the workshop. You can register for this workshop at

The workshop will teach you how to create a truly compelling profile that will get your profile the attention you want and deserve. To make sure you’re profile is seens.found, you’ll see how to pack your profile with multiple sets of your skills (i.e. keywords), so when people are searching for someone with your skills, you’ll be on page 1 top of the search results, so your profile gets seen and viewed. Remember, if you’re not on page 1 of the search results, you literally don’t exist,,

Next, we’ll explore how you can connect with strategic people on LinkedIn (e.g. VIPs that can really help you) using the People You May Know list and the LinkedIn Search Box. You’ll also learn how to construct Boolean Searches in Search Box, so you get the exact category of people in your search result and nothing more. You’ll also see how to use the Search Box to enter your job skills and get back a list of jobs that use those skills. Way Cool!

You’ll also learn how to enhance your profile and visibility by creating articles (one you write or ones that someone else created that you can pass on as long as you give credit to the author. You;’ll also learn to join up to 50 groups that can benefit you personally and see how you can contribute to the group via group conversations and comments you make to existing conversations. Finally, you learn how to insert marketing materials at the end of your LinkedIn Summary section, such as work samples, marketing videos, ets.that will help to promote you on LinkedIn and increase your visibility.

Finally, we’ll explore all the LinkedIn Settings that you can use to customize how LinkedIn works for you and what you allow others to see in your profile.

Last but not least, you’ll receive a free copy of my Harnessing the Power of Linkedin absolutely free.

If you are in the Tampa Bay Area, you can attend the course live at Corporate Center 3 on Boy Scout Road in the first floor conference room. Otherwise, you can attend via our Go To Webinar link where we will have 200 seats for remote attendees. If you’re connected via the Go To Webinar tool, you can call in anytime to ask questions in real time just as if you were in the classroom with me.

Register today and be on your way to become a master of LinkedIn!

Larry LaBelle
Win a Job Fast

NOTE: From April through December 2019 the meeting will be held at Corporate Center Three at International Plaza in Westshore.

Corporate Center Three
Suite 140 (Large Conference Room)
4221 W. Boy Scout Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33607