Entrepreneurial Mentorship Forum

What do you need? We will help you!
If you are in the search of entrepreneurial direction or career guidance please join us at our next REL Entrepreneurial Mentorship Forum! (Please check the calendar for our next monthly meeting.)One of our newest initiatives, the REL Entrepreneurial Mentorship Forum is looking to attract mentees looking for guidance, direction or just a sounding board. Additionally we are looking for mentors seeking the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge that will be of value to all in attendance.    

The Mission of the REL Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program is to embolden the mentees to take action by leveraging their experiences, knowledge and skills for the purposes of creating their own business entity
The Vision of the REL Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program is to establish a BOARD OF MENTORS capable of SERVING all our mentees by providing them the guidance and direction necessary to invoke the confidence required to accomplish their entrepreneurial goals
  • Self-Reflection – Uncovering the value of each mentor and mentee
  • Accountability – Providing a forum where action is encouraged
  • Failure – Embrace the gift of failure and provide the support to critically evaluate the experience
  • Confidence – Inspire one another to overcome fear
  • Wisdom – Direct and guide one another to harness and communicate their personal value for the purposes of meeting entrepreneurial objectives


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