Chief Marketing Officer – Bank of Tampa

Function Overview :

The Marketing team is a critical component of the Bank’s success, providing strategic and operational support that enables the exceptional delivery of all of our Banking products and services.  The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a senior level business partner who is a strategic thinker with an appreciation for niche marketing, and vast experience with brand development and brand management. Specific functional focus includes:

  • Plans and directs all aspects of the bank’s marketing policies, objectives, and initiatives.
  • Demonstrates expertise in a variety of banking concepts, practices, and procedures.
  • Identifies changes in the marketing environment and competitive strategies.
  • Evaluates, adjusts, and redrafts the bank’s marketing plan and philosophy as required.

Key Experience

  • Ability to utilize digital marketing to help drive business opportunities.
  • Background in leveraging data to identify opportunities in our market and within our existing client base.
  • Experience with database management, targeted marketing, and sales campaigns.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the development of marketing campaigns and messages to ensure optimal effectiveness, utilizing tools such as social media, digital, and the bank’s website.
  • Manages the work and relationship with marketing agency to develop branding, advertisements, annual reports, print brochures, digital media, and other bank marketing materials.
  • Identifies and acts on opportunities to improve organizational processes and outcomes.
  • Develops annual marketing plans working in collaboration with business line leaders.
  • Ensures bank officers receive appropriate assistance with individual marketing and prospecting needs.
  • Works with other departments to ensure they receive advice on proposals for clients and prospects.
  • Administers client experience across all channels, including onboarding.
  • Maintains the Bank’s external website, utilizing internal and external resources for upkeep.
  • Conducts ongoing market research of internal/external banking needs and preferences, as well as opinions of our bank.
  • Defines market opportunities and develops targeted prospect lists for business lines with campaign activities and planned follow up on results.
  • Maintains existing niche-related prospect lists.
  • Makes recommendations on product development, including features, pricing, etc.
  • Oversees all advertising / print materials used to communicate with shareholders, clients, prospects, and the community at large.
  • Oversees vendor management, including marketing agency, market research firms, and print collateral and promotional item vendors, etc.
  • Oversees the planning and organization of client entertainment events, including Women Connected.
  • Coordinates charitable giving, including donations and sponsorships.
  • Manages Public Relations activities.
  • Responsible for the CRM tool.

Years of Experience Required

    • 10+ years of Marketing and Brand Management in banking or financial services.

Degree(s) and Certification(s) Required

    • Bachelor’s degree required, MBA preferred.

Additional Requirements

    • Experience in marketing to affluent and commercial clients is preferred.
    • Has a vision on how to delight clients.
    • Has a nuanced understanding of the client across all channels; recognizes how the client interacts with the brand both physically and digitally.
    • Demonstrates superior communication ability, both orally and in writing; superb listening skills; and the ability to communicate complex issues clearly and credibly with a wide variety of audiences.
    • Is a power technology user.
    • Understands the future is mobile and that campaign-based marketing is changing to a world of sustained communication.
    • Understands that social media demographics are fundamentally different across various social media channels.
    • Recognizes how clients experience the brand end-to-end while building systems that maximize the reach, integrity, consistency, and effectiveness of each message.
    • Understands the potential of inbound marketing.
    • Enjoys working in a collaborative environment with business line leaders, the marketing team, and with our marketing agency and other partners.
    • Creates an environment of creativity, innovation, collaboration, transparency, accountability, and trust.
  • Adaptable, flexible, and comfortable with evolving and progressive change.

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Department: Executive

Revision Date: 1/2016

Bank Overview

Since first opening in 1984, The Bank of Tampa has focused on serving Tampa Bay professionals and owner-managed businesses, which has given us an insight into our community that other banks simply cannot match. With an average of more than 20 years of banking experience in the Tampa Bay area, our commercial banking officers use their deep understanding of the area to help our clients establish professional, cultural and social ties that benefit their businesses, their families, and themselves.

At The Bank of Tampa, we are committed to providing the highest level of banking services while nurturing a strong and lasting personal relationship that contributes to our client’s success. Service to our clients and our community is what we are all about.

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